For Me BDSM- it’s a story about human desires and fears. At the same time- the word in wich it is impossible to be without honesty, proximity and keenness.
This world makes Me feel better than drugs.

I like to receive and give emotions in the session and that wave which covers you and the partner, it is much better than any practices or psychoactive substances.

I am sensitive to the situation and the emotions of others. So carefully pick a slaves for pleasure. We must come together as puzzles in the picture, otherwise it will be tasteless.

I prefer to speak English. Also during the session I like to use French words.

I love different things in BDSM. But especially this:

-flog. Start with warming up, change devices in the process, try different devices: stacks, lashes, whips, floggers, rods. The most beautiful thing that can be -to flog a slave who dreams about it;

-spanking. Can’t wait to get spanked in the face or the body?

-slave happiness. To be for Mistress high chair, table, ashtray, spittoon, toilet, stand;

– trampling. You expect a close acquaintance with My high and sharp heels.

This is only a small part of the reality that excites Me, like many other “strange people” from the world of BDSM.